E-Learning Modules

For most OSCE stations, there is a simple algorithm which, if followed as applied to the particular situation, should see you through to at least a vaguely respectable mark – one which will hopefully give you a pass.

This method is one which has been drilled into every clinical medical student and goes by:

  • Inspect
  • Palpate
  • Percuss
  • Auscultate

Or, for those of us less literate than others:

  • Look
  • Feel
  • Tap
  • Listen

Although this is a very simplistic way of looking at things, it is effective and will help you through those surprise stations with which we have all been faced.

This is a very nice and easy way of learning OSCE skills, however, it is not always all that is required. So, if you choose the relevant OSCE module link, you will find specific details for these different fields of medicine.