Testicular Examination

A testicular examination is mainly performed on male patients who present with testicular pathology e.g. pain, swelling, a lump.  Although titled testicular examination it involves the examination of the penis, scrotum and testes.

As this is an intimate examination it is pertinent to gain a good rapport with your patient, maintain good communication and ensure the patient’s dignity at all times. Remember to offer a chaperone for this skill. For the purposes of your exam, you will most likely be examining a mannequin.

Subject steps

  1. If you do feel any abnormalities then there are certain questions you should ask yourself:

    Can I get above the lump?

    Is the testicle separate from the lump?

    Does it have a cough impulse?

    Does the lump transilluminate?

    What does the lump feel like? (hard, soft, craggy, regular/irregular, like a “bag of worms”, size etc?)

  2. When you have finished your examination, cover the patient and thank them. Dispose of your gloves in the clinical waste bin and wash your hands.

  3. You should now present your findings to the examiner. They may ask you for a differential diagnosis and this will be based upon your findings.