Urinalysis (UA)

Urinalysis (or dipstick analysis or UA) is where the urine of a patient is tested using urinalysis testing strips. It is performed for various reasons e.g. patients with urinary symptoms, abdominal pain and at times during routine checks such as in pregnancy.

This station demonstrates urinalysis using standard UK urine test strips, in which the results can be read as colour changes.

Subject steps

  1. Check that the urine sample has been collected within the last 4hours.

  2. Comment on the colour and clarity of the sample.  Upon removing the cap also comment if there is any odour.

  3. Read the strip after the correct amount of time e.g. 30 seconds for glucose, 60 seconds for protein.

  4. Record/report any findings.

  5. An extension to this station could be what “to do next”.  Should there be any positive results you may want to send the sample for analysis, if you do send the sample for analysis then note whether it is a MSU or CSU.  You may want also want to arrange further tests e.g. if positive for glucose consider further investigations for diabetes.